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After having been invited to a lawn bowling demonstration in Moncton back in 1991, eight individuals decided it would be a great idea to form a lawn bowling club in Fredericton. They agreed it would be an opportunity for Exercise and social companionship. These people were Dugald Richford, Stew Kitchen, Ernie Smith, Ralph Hamilton, Bud Steele, Sid Coles, Jim Scott and Dave Graham. Dave Dickson came on-board a little later.

Dugald spearheaded the drawing up of the Constitution and Bylaws under the presidency of Verne Olive and became the first secretary.

At the outset there was no clubhouse but through membership dues enough material was purchased to start the construction of an A-frame shed. This was basically completed by Ralph, Vern and Sid. It soon became apparent the club needed a clubhouse of some sort, so a building committee, very ad hoc was formed. There were many administrative things to look after, such as applying for grants, approaching the City of Fredericton and hiring some help, this was competently looked after Dugald.

The construction and supervision end of things was left in the capable hands of Dave Graham. There were eight individuals mainly on the crew although there were others who contributed from time to time. These people were led by Dave Graham and included Bud Steele, Dave Dickson, Vern Olive, George Woodside, Stew Kitchen, Jim Scott and Dugald who was awarded the Golden Hammer. Ernie Smith was also a frequent contributor.

The final result was a relatively fair sized clubhouse and a gazebo which became the envy of both the city and other bowling clubs in the province. It should be mentioned Dave Graham was instrumental in soliciting the materials for the foregoing projects.

Some Interesting Facts:

Bud Steele went on to become the Provincial Umpire Chair. Ernie Smith and Ralph Hamilton became Level 3 coaches and were two of the only three in the Maritime Provinces. Ralph also became President of Bowls New Brunswick Boulingrin (BNBB); Dugald became the Executive Secretary (BNBB)) and in addition, Bud became the Provincial Treasurer (BNBB). Dave Dickson was Parliamentarian on the BNBB Executive.

Submitted by John White

FLBC 2022 Executive


Pat Beggs

Past President:

Gloria McLaughlin


Janet Brooks


Walter Steeves


Jane Howell


Michelle Olscamp

Patricia Albert

Tim McFadzen

Marilyn Samuels

Helen Leroux